Take your business to the next level with seamless communication. A unified communication system consists of rich IP features such as voice, video and data capabilities, web conferencing platforms, email and instant messaging at real time presence. This interconnected system of enterprise communication devices and applications enables easy flow of information with the aim of enhancing business communication, productivity and collaboration. With a streamlined business communications experience, companies can make the fastest possible decisions efficiently.

Smart Hybrid PBX

Your ideal business communications solution, the Smart Hybrid PBX offers greater high-quality communications and great flexibility to be configured according to your needs. Designed for small and medium-sized companies, it has advanced features such as cellular phone integration, 32-party conference call and up to 288 extensions. The Smart Hybrid PBX also has built-in applications which support call centre function and voicemail system. With a Voice over IP (VoIP) multi-site capability, it can enable you to create virtual teams and share data or resources efficiently.

  • Minimize initial costs
  • Future-proof system
  • Single unit with multi functions
  • Mobility

Auto Attendant / Voice Message System

The auto attendant feature offers voice guidance to connect customers to the appropriate operator or section according to their query in call. It will also prompt customers to leave a voice message if the operator is away. Additionally, the enhanced voice mail system can record up to 400 hours and a maximum of 24 channels with email notifications when you received missed calls or new voice messages. Employees can also listen to recorded voice data or monitor live status of callers in relation to enhancing customer service.

With multiple communications capabilities, the Smart Hybrid PBX has a wide support for legacy and modern IP phones that enables extension calls between offices over the IP network or on the go with smartphones.


Intercom systems are your first line of defence when anyone approaches your house. They provide a range of wireless communication and access control to enhance building security and monitoring to give you a peace of mind when you are away from home or even inside the house.

This Video Intercom System has features such as a wireless handset, intercom call, monitor display screen, night vision, and picture recording. With up to 4 wireless connectable monitors, you can check visitors and respond promptly from anywhere in the house even while multitasking. The wireless design also means there is easy expandability with no wires to fuss over as you customise the settings accordingly.

For the picture recording function, 8 still images of visitors are recorded consecutively and automatically, which can also be displayed frame by frame, to ensure you will see every person visiting your home. Additionally, the night vision feature comes with LED lights to enable colour display in night time and a clearer view of visitors at the door.