IT System

Here, we believe that each of our clients is unique. We look to identify specific demands and needs of each client before prescribing a solution tailor-made for each and every one of our customers.

Your system base is where you do your work from home, a place for you to spend time and effort.

You could be simply looking to install a basic computer system at home, or you could be completely revamping your home computer system to cope with more powerful applications and programs. Here, we will carefully access your needs before suggesting a solution. To give you a clear idea on our different system bases offered, here are our 3 basic system bases.

Mini PC for Home and Office

For more basic system bases, such as those for individual homes or offices, our offered system base is the Mini PC. The Mini PC will offer you a space efficient option for you to do work at.Fewer programs and less taxing work don’t demand an extremely powerful PC to handle it. As such, a mini PC and a monitor will be more than sufficient as a system base for home or an office. This option offers fantastic value for money.

Its dimensions are:

62(H) x 111.4 (W) x 111.4 (D) mm

Compact PC Home and Office

The Compact PC is the better option for larger homes and offices, due to its larger CPU and processing power. If you are running more taxing programs or demanding more from your computer, you will need a more powerful system base to go through your data.

Maybe you want clearer images, or you want to keep an eye on multiple stock markets. The Compact PC’s large processing power will give you a powerful system base and great value for your money.

207.4(H) x 240 (W) x 398.5 (D) mm

3D Workstation for AutoCad

For extremely taxing programs like AutoCad, you will require a powerful computer to handle its demands. A 3D workstation will allow you to smoothly use AutoCad for designing models.

For this stronger computer, it will come in a larger size.

449 (H) x 190 (W) x 497 (D) mm