Why CCTV Cameras Can Deter Thieves & Other Criminals

We all know that installing CCTV cameras is a wonderful way of keeping thieves and other criminals at bay. These devices are indeed wonderful deterrents of crimes. But have we ever tried to know – why? What is so special about these gadgets? This chapter will briefly discuss this subject.

The relative success of a criminal’s career is evaluated in terms of his success in eluding the authorities and the law. If ever a criminal gets caught, that acts as a blot in his CV. The effect on the CV is almost analogous to job termination in the corporate world. This might seem slightly far-fetched, but every CCTV system in Singapore has the ability to retire a criminal, and that is their value as deterrence.

The system provides protection to assets and souls at lesser cost

This point is self-explanatory. If you calculate the cost of stolen assets in case of a theft or burglary and weigh it against the cost of installation of the CCTV systems for sale in Singapore, you will get an amazing result. In fact, in virtually all the cases, the total cost of stolen asset in the absence of a credible security system is much higher that the installation cost of even the most sophisticated CCTV camera system. For instance, a recent study conducted by Malaysia’s Transported Asset Protection Association has revealed that the total cost of goods stolen from various ports, airports, warehouses, departmental store, trucks was above $22.7 million in 2015. This is just an example and it’s not a one-off incident. So when you calculate this with the total cost of installation of CCTV cameras in these places, you will find that the cost is much less. Therefore, the credit can be attributed to these surveillance gadgets as they can deter the criminals at a much lesser costs.

Improved technology

Improved surveillance technology and manufacturing processes make sure that with these gadgets installed, the thieves and criminals always have an unwanted witness. However, not every CCTV systems for sale in Singapore need to have state of the art technology to be effective in preventing crime and theft. Business with camera and alarm systems already installed can simply upgrade them so that they get clearer image of the intruders during any day and night, regardless of the climatic conditions prevailing.

Remember, the ability of a surveillance system to capture high-class images is indeed a crucial factor in case of any eventuality and consequent legal actions, thereby deterring the criminals further.

Thus, it is not the technology that deters the thieves and burglars. An effective CCTV systems for sale in Singapore act as a psychological barrier for the perpetrators of crimes, for they know they are not able to escape being seen no matter what evasive measures they take. This goes a long way in preventing them from committing any crime whatsoever with a CCTV system installed on your premises.

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