The Different Types of CCTV Camera

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If you think that selecting a security camera is easy, you should think again. Security cameras have evolved and the process is still going on. There’re a number of cameras that cater to different needs nowadays. You need to know the types of cctv systems for sale in singapore to make a better choice for yourself.

Bullet Cameras:
The most widely known and used camera is the bullet type camera. It is ideal for the outdoors where you need to cover a large area. The camera has a protective casing that keeps it protected against wind, snow or rain. You can also use these cameras for the office lobbies or at the entrance of your home.

Day and Night Camera:
These cameras look like the bullet camera but are smaller in size. These have the ability to work in normal as well as lower light conditions. These cameras are good for parking lots where it tends to be a little darker or inside houses where light is comparatively low even during the day. These types of cameras have a wide range of focus, thus covering a large area at a time. If you are choosing from CCTV systems for sale in Singapore, make sure to check how the camera works.

PTZ Camera:
Have you ever noticed a camera moving with you? That is a PTZ camera. Most of the companies that offer CCTV systems for sale in Singapore have the PTZ camera in their inventory. These cameras can be controlled remotely and have the ability to tilt, zoom and pan as the object in focus moves. Though these cameras can move in different directions, these are not ideal choices for outdoor cameras as the range of these systems is limited. Therefore, you can either install PTZ cameras on your portico or at the entrance of your office.

Dome Camera:
Dome cameras are good for both houses and offices, but you must install it indoors. The dome shape of the camera makes it convenient to use as the onlooker won’t understand which way the camera is facing. Though the camera doesn’t pan, the bystander may think that the whole area is under the surveillance of the camera. Therefore, even if the camera is focused on one direction, it keeps the entire area safe.

360° Camera:
It’s similar to the dome camera but with a better zooming capability. These cameras cover a larger area and are generally set up on the ceiling. You can install an app on your smartphone to remotely access the camera and move however you want.

There’re many other cameras apart from the ones described here. Before investing in a CCTV camera, you should conduct thorough research and purchase those that best serve your purpose. The companies that offer CCTV systems for sale in Singapore will have most types of CCTV cameras available.

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