Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Your Home CCTV Camera

Looking at the prices of CCTV systems for sale in Singapore, they certainly aren’t cheap. But there are ways to cut costs. You can try installing them yourself, and while it may seem like a complicated affair, it’s not as hard as it looks.

Simply follow these steps below so you can install the CCTV system yourself:

1.    Survey the Area

What’s perhaps even more important than choosing the right CCTV cameras is the proper placement so you don’t end up wasting cable length while also maximizing the coverage of each camera. Remember, the shorter the line, the less affected the video quality is.

For indoor cameras, choose a corner where the most entry points are visible, and preferably one that’s close to a power socket. For outdoor cameras, elevation is key for better coverage of the entryways, windows, garage, and so on.

2.    The Mounting

Get a pencil or marker to create a guide for where you need to drill the holes. After you’ve finished drilling the holes, screw the camera tightly in place and plug in the camera into the nearest available electric socket.

3.    Placing the DVR

The DVR is an important piece of the CCTV camera system. It’s where the surveillance hard disk that contains all your CCTV recordings. Naturally, you’ll want to keep it stored in a safe place, preferably, in a locked compartment so intruders just can’t mess with your system, or worse, destroy the stored videos.

4.    Plan It Out

You also need to plan out the cable pathway for your CCTV system. You can’t just leave them exposed and hanging. If possible, hide them on top of your ceiling and use wire moldings for added protection.

5.    Connecting the Wires

Once you’ve screwed in the cameras and the DVR, as well as laid out the cables, now comes the time to start connecting the wires.

First, connect the cameras to the DVR port and then connect the DVR output port to the screen you want to project the video feed on.

6.    Powering Up the System

After everything is connected, it’s time to power on and test the system. Start with the cameras, followed with the display, and then finally the DVR. Go over the DVR’s manual and set it up as instructed. Check every camera to make sure that the video feed is working properly and that you are getting the necessary viewing angles.

Just one look at the price can make you think twice about getting one. But, they’re worth it, as far as peace of mind is concerned. The fact that you can rest a bit easier knowing that you and your family’s lives are safer and more secure because of the presence of the surveillance system is simply priceless.

If you’re considering buying one of the many CCTV systems for sale in Singapore, good for you. It is an investment that your future self will be thanking you for.

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