Public Places That Survive on Surveillance Cameras

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Irrespective of whether you approve it or not, the Singapore government is installing surveillance cameras at every public place. Don’t just take it as a ploy by the government to act like the Big Brother trying to keep an eye on you; it’s more to do with our security. Yes, the world is being threatened by the rise in terrorist activities, not to mention the rise in crime, so in order to provide us with a higher degree of protection, the government is installing surveillance systems at various public places like hospitals, schools, parks, shopping malls etc. Due to low cctv camera system prices in singapore, the government is encouraging corporate, shop owners and other commercial enterprises to install video surveillance systems.

Some of the public places that survive on surveillance cameras include the following:

Well, airports are fitted with the best CCTV systems to keep an eye on the movement of people entering and exiting the facility. Thousands of people from around the world throng airports on a daily basis, so security at airports is of greatest concern for the government. Most of the airports use wireless CCTV cameras that offer a 360-degree view of the entire facility. There is special security personnel who keep an eye on the movement of passengers. Right from smuggling and theft to brawls and bombings, security agencies are able to maintain a strong vigil and nip any such untoward incidents in their bud.

Railway Stations
Just like airports, railways stations too are put under strict surveillance because thousands of passengers avail rail transport every day. The biggest benefit of installing cctv systems for sale in singapore is that they offer a wide-angle view of the target locations and security personnel will be able to intervene quickly when the criminal activity takes place. It’s important to understand that passengers at railway stations are highly vulnerable to criminal activities like thefts and mugging. Cameras often serve as a deterrent and prevent crimes like shoplifting or mugging. It also helps the security agencies spot suspicious activities or individuals. Even the law enforcement agencies are able to use the video camera recordings at public places like railway stations as evidence in the court of law.

Highways and junctions
Cameras in public places are often criticised for an invasion of privacy, but people tend to forget that it also aids in traffic control. Ever expanding cities like Singapore experience huge traffic during peak hours of the day and in order to manage the traffic effectively, the CCTV systems come in extremely handy. This is the reason why we get to see CCTV surveillance in the highways and important junctions in and around the city. Singapore’s best CCTV Systems also belongs to the traffic department to quickly respond to accidents and also nab criminals trying to flee the city. Road rage cases too are handled swiftly when the law enforcement agencies get the opportunity to scour the CCTV footage and nail the criminals.

In addition to the above, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and bus depots also use CCTV surveillance for security. CCTV camera system price Singapore is considered to be the lowest amongst all cities, so commercial enterprises are able to install them at their facilities and keep an eye on the public movement.

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