Pros and Cons of Wireless CCTV Cameras

The popularity of installing wireless security system cameras for many business owners is continuously increasing. Security cameras pose a lot of benefits such as providing protection and surveillance along the perimeter of your business and even on the inside of your establishment. There are a lot of CCTV systems for sale in Singapore, but among the most popular options include those that are wireless.

A wireless CCTV system differs from those that are wired in terms of their mechanism. A wireless CCTV system is made up of directly interconnected elements to enable them to function. There are plenty of business owners who opt to install wireless CCTV systems due to the fact that they are more organised and the mess is lesser brought about by cables.

Through the years, wireless camera security systems have continued to improve. Even though there are a few disadvantages that are inevitable, maximising their ability to function depends on how you are handling and installing the system in your property.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the different pros and cons of availing a wireless security system. Below are some of its advantages and disadvantages that you might want to know before purchasing or installing a wireless system in your property:

PROS: Easy Installation and Set Up

Wireless CCTV systems make installation easier and more efficient by eliminating a lot of wiring needs. Compared to wired camera systems, wireless CCTVs are faster to set up and install since they do not require drilling and digging through the walls to mount the cameras. Just place them to your desired location and connect it through the network via the IP Address then you are good to go!

CONS: They Are Prone to Hacking

Wireless security systems are prone to hacking if not secured properly. To avoid this, you must properly install and set-up the settings in order to prevent malicious actions or attempt to bypass your system. Ensure that only family or upper management have access to the system to limit the risk of hacking.

PROS: Wireless Cameras Are More Flexible

Wireless security systems do not require the use of wires; thus, they are more flexible in terms of placement. You can easily manipulate and put them in your desired location in order to suit your needs when it comes to surveillance. Wireless security systems also offer several additional settings that cannot be found on wired cameras, such as Bluetooth connectivity.

CONS: Price

Wireless cameras mean that these security cameras are more technologically advanced. However, the only downside about this factor is that they would cost a lot compared to wired security systems. Since wireless cameras have more intricate wiring set-up, expect them to be more expensive, and they are vulnerable to damage if installed incorrectly. Therefore, always ensure that CCTV cameras are installed with the utmost care and by a professional.

PROS: Videos Are Easily Retrieved

Since your wireless security system is connected to a network and computer, accessing stored videos is easier through the remote access of your data. In this way, you can store records of surveillance in your computer without having to make physical copies of the recordings.

Installing wireless security systems has a lot of pros and cons. It all depends on how you will be using your system. These cons can be avoided with proper installation and care. Get the most out of your CCTV security system by knowing their pros and cons, and you are set. You can get the best CCTV camera in Singapore, but you would have to use it to its full advantage to reap its benefits.

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