How You Can Use a CCTV Camera to Look After Your Family

A CCTV camera system in Singapore as in any other part of the world is specially equipped to provide safety and security to your home and family. However, it’s no supercomputer that you need to man and control it to make sure it serves you in the right way. There are specific ways how you can use a CCTV camera and compel it to look after your home and family. Here are a few ways:

Monitor the total perimeter of the property
One of the most effective ways of keeping the trespassers at bay is to set up the CCTV camera system at the exterior of your house and make sure the camera(s) focus/focuses at the perimeter of the property. Here the best you can do is to set up multiple cameras as that will give you a 360-degree view of the perimeter of your entire property. This is an excellent way of keeping unwanted visitors at bay. The system will be able to playback footage in case there is any eventuality.

Have a hard look at the visitor before you open the door
Peeping through the eyehole is not enough anymore for if that is the case then there is no need to install CCTV camera system in Singapore homes. You need to be extra cautious before you invite your visitor. A small surveillance camera installed at the main door will give you the confidence while answering the knocking at the door. Here you can use a motion-activated camera, which will get activated and start recording only after its sensor registers any movement. Keep a monitor handy in your bedroom or kitchen or even at the washroom, so that you can have an eye on your front door from any part of your house.

Nanny cameras for kids
If you have kids at home that you need to take extra care, it’s pretty tough to keep an eye on them and those looking after your kids. The only way you can do that is using the nanny cameras, generally called, ‘nanny cams’. This is a small, concealed CCTV camera system for Singapore homes, specially designed to keep a constant eye on children and their nannies when you are not on spot. Sometimes, these nanny cams are concealed in or embedded with the common household objects of daily use that help capturing the activity of the kids and their nannies. They even record the vocal interactions between your kids and nannies secretly.

Keeping a vigil on the garages
Garages need to be looked after, particularly if you have expensive cars at your disposal. As it is far easier to break into garages than the homes, garages are often left unattended or the security is not up to the mark. This has to change and with an effective CCTV camera system for Singapore in place, you can have an eye on the garage as well.

Therefore, you need to be absolutely particular about the way you will engage and use the CCTV camera system for your Singapore home. You need to customise the use of the system to maximise the security of your property and frankly speaking, only then you will be able to justify your investment.

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