How to Ensure that Your Home is Protected

Though Singapore is a safe country to live in, you should not be complacent in securing your home. If you are working, your house would be left unattended for more than 8 hours a day. Therefore, the safety of your home should be one of your major concerns. There are ways to prevent burglaries aside from using CCTV cameras in your homes in Singapore. Let’s check what options you have besides installing CCTV cameras.

Lock everything well:

We tend to make a mistake of keeping our windows open when we go out for a short time. Shutting windows is as important as locking doors. Intruders often target the houses that are not properly secured. If you want to add an extra layer of protection, you can utilise the help of a locksmith and install a locking system.

Clear the entrance and light up the surroundings:

Thieves tend to attack the houses that are covered by bushes and trees.  Therefore, it is highly important to clear the entrance of your house. Although most of the robberies take place at the daytime, you must light up the surroundings of your house. Make sure to report to the local authorities if the streetlights near your house are broken.

Install a security system:

There are many other methods that you can try out to ensure the protection of your house. However, the most effective and powerful method is to enlist the help of the technology. Installing a CCTV camera for homes in Singapore will make your life easy and provide you utmost safety.  Let’s check out some of the surveillance cameras that you can mount at your home.

  • Bullet style cameras are quite common. You can see those at your office, in the parking lot and at the malls too. You can install bullet style CCTV cameras in your home to cover the porch and the backyard. These are the most affordable ones.
  • Dome cameras are for the indoors. These cameras cover a larger area than the bullet type cameras. The ideal strategic locations for installing this camera are staircases, half-landings and other nooks and crannies of your premise that other camera types may be unable to reach. The onlookers can’t tell which way the camera is focusing.
  • Day and night cameras are designed to work in the poorly lit areas as well as in the normal lighting. You can choose this CCTV camera if your neighbourhood doesn’t have sufficient lighting.
  • If you want to install CCTV cameras inside the living room or the bedroom, we suggest you choose a discreet camera. These cameras don’t look like a camera; rather they look like a fan or a light or something that is part of the room.

No matter what security measure you choose, make sure to keep checking if the equipment is working properly from time to time. Keep checking the video footages of the CCTV camera that you have installed and keep yourself updated on what’s going on around your house when you are absent or sleeping.

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