How to Connect Your CCTV System to Your Home TV

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Connecting your CCTV surveillance system with your TV is not at all a rocket science. If you have paid a hefty cctv camera system price in singapore , that means your system has got some special features and by the virtue of one of them you will be able to connect it to your home TV. Here are the steps that you need to take.

The first step

If you have a large space for storage it will be an added bonus for your CCTV surveillance system. You will not have to be concerned about issues of lost footages even if your home has been left vacant for a long period of time. You need to get a 2TB built-in HDD and Reolink 4MP NVR and keep on recording continuously for 8 days with the help of 4 CCTV cameras with super High Definition resolution capacity. You can also opt for the one with a low resolution capacity and can record even for longer period of time.

Using Customized OS with an advanced configuration

You can also have a tailor-made operation system on your television if you have a CCTV surveillance system with an advanced configuration that you have purchased at a higher CCTV camera system price in Singapore. This will enable you to have a smarter and more intelligent surveillance system at your disposal.

For instance, you can also opt for the detection mode, and look for video feeds, upgrade the IP cameras and or the entire system, set alarms if and when needed and so on.

Working without network

If you have paid a higher CCTV camera system price and have acquired the bet CCTV security system, you will be able to have a 24×7 surveillance as well as recording system even if you do not have any internet connection. You just have to switch on the cameras and then do the same for the NVR and the entire system will start working even without the use of any router. And again, you will be able to connect the system with your TV with the help of a coaxial cable and watch the images on TV.

Signals that are more stable

If you have a stable and trustworthy wire connection there should not be any issue of signal loss. In these cases, you can connect your TV directly with the surveillance system with the help of any quality 3rd party software.

The other way of connecting your TV with the surveillance system is by using the following ways:

  • Use the IP camera to the HDMI Converter or Decoder
  • Setting up DLNA server on the PC and stream the IP images or videos on the television
  • Using Apple TV or Google Chromecast
  • Using streaming applications on smart TVs.

So these are the ways you will be able to watch the images or live streaming captured by your CCTV camera systems on your televisions. However, you need to make sure that the output of your CCTV camera should be connected with the television with a coaxial cable.

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