How the Future will Change the Technology of Surveillance

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If you have been using the best home security camera systems in Singapore, you would definitely appreciate the high level of surveillance they provide for your home. Right from burglars to stray dogs, you’re able to keep an eye on anyone and everyone who trespasses into your property. Now, governments, corporations, spammers, identity thieves, and even terrorists use singapore’s best cctv cameras to keep an eye on anyone they wish to. Let us find out what the future holds for us in terms of surveillance and the technology being tested:

Invisible Cameras
You’ve probably seen it in the ‘James Bond’ movies but now all that is becoming a reality. In the coming years, you may not even be able to spot the cameras as researchers are finding new ways to camouflage the cameras! There are companies that are producing drones as small as flies. So a small fly hovering above your head might turn out to be a surveillance device used by your company to keep a watch on your daily activities! Singapore based researchers are also exploring cyborg beetles, which are real insects that have electrodes attached to them for real-time control. The future definitely belongs to those, who are able to develop unique ways of surveillance using the latest technology.  

Your past revealed
Now, we keep feeding our personal data to different service providers on the Internet. Companies use it to track our purchase patterns, tastes and preferences. All of this is eventually leading to the day when all our personal data will be available for everyone and anyone. Companies will be able to buy data related to your marital, consumer and criminal past. Even your social media posts and online dating profiles will be up for sale. Even Singapore’s best CCTV system can’t guarantee all-round protection for you or your family members. However, it’s equally true that in the future, there’ll be enough tools available to us to protect our privacy and avoid all types of surveillance as well.

Spying will become easier
If you still think that simply installing the best home security camera system in Singapore will assure your security, then here’s some news – the IoT (Internet of Things) will lay everything bare in front of the world. Our gadgets are all connected to the Internet and each other. Things we say and do are uploaded on the internet using voice technology and wireless cameras. The data is sent to third-party servers for analysis, which is easily accessible to anyone who understands the technology. Thus, our smart gadgets might be making our lives easier but it is also wreaking havoc on our privacy.

Regardless of these technological advances, your security is always priceless. You should not be put off by the price of these cctv camera systems as you are assuring the security of you and your family.

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