How CCTV Plays a Key Role in Criminal Investigations

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More and more investigations carried out by police departments all over the world are heavily reliant on the images captured and stored by CCTV surveillance cameras. The authorities are able to deal with investigations conclusively by using CCTV camera footage. Here are some ways footage from CCTVs is crucial to criminal investigations.

Value-added benefits of using CCTV cameras
The best CCTV systems for sale in Singapore come up with state of the art technology, which helps these devices to capture footage that helps authorities determine the identity of the perpetrators of crime, the suspects and witnesses and even identify the vehicles (if any) used to commit the crime. The authorities can use this footage to determine and establish the timeline of a crime or any incident that has taken place.

These cameras can be an amazing source of information, in cases of abduction, murder, gate-crashing and burglary. These devices help authorities to immediately track down and spring into action. Even entry and exit point footages can be useful data in the investigation of these cases. The forensic experts are able to pick up invaluable clues from CCTVs that help speed up the investigation and coming to a conclusive end.

Some other benefits
The benefits of using CCTV systems for sale in Singapore are not restricted to the ones already mentioned. The footage captured by the cams can act as evidence in case of any offence or crime and could help in suspects’ plea for the guilty, thereby lessening the costs of lengthy trials in court. These footages can also be used to prove or disprove allegations against an individual as well as for using in investigating cases of a missing person(s). The videos can be used as the evidence of actions and the response thereof, from the authorities, following the commission of a particular crime.

Certain applications of CCTV cameras deemed useful in a police operation
Singapore’s police force uses footage from cctv systems for sale in singapore in their daily operations. Here are some of the ways they utilise CCTV camera surveillance system.

  • In-car cameras mounted on the patrol vehicles
  • Conducting training exercises for new recruits and conducting routine exercises
  • Processing of crime scenes
  • Various types of tactical operations
  • Covert surveillance operations
  • Investigation of cases of burglary
  • Investigation of road mishaps involving the collision of two or more vehicles
  • Undercover or sting operations for busting illegal sex or drug rackets or gangs involved in flesh or animal trade
  • Video line-ups
  • Carrying our interrogation of suspects or witnesses for investigation of criminal cases or cases of road mishaps or other accidents

When it comes to an investigation by the law and order authorities of Singapore, CCTV’s are hugely important and their role in enforcing law and order is hard to dispute.

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