Functionalities of a CCTV Camera That Help Solve Crime

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Ask anyone around you about ways to beef up security in your residential, commercial, or public property and the first thing that you’ll hear about is to use singapore’s cctv camera system for home. These camera systems have served as a big deterrent for the criminals and have also helped in solving several crimes. The world is being threatened by the rise in crime and the threat of terrorism. To provide us higher degree of protection, the government is installing surveillance systems at various public places like hospitals, schools, parks, shopping malls etc.

CCTV cameras come loaded with some of the coolest features that help the law enforcers solve crime quickly. One is advised to take some time aside to look up some of the best home security camera systems in singapore. Here’s a lowdown on the CCTV features that really help in solving crimes and nabbing criminals:

Night Vision
The majority of public places in Singapore have CCTV cameras with night vision features. Even some of the top CCTV camera systems for homes also come loaded with this feature. Criminals think that they can escape by using the darkness of the night as cover, but more often than not they get caught on camera because of the night vision features available with CCTV cameras. Darkness can no longer provide any kind of advantage to the criminals because night vision cameras are able to record the videos clearly while providing great footage to the investigating agencies during an investigation.

Optical Zoom
More often than not, the investigating agencies have to analyze the CCTV footage very closely for clues. From vehicle numbers to shop names, clothing brand to the recognition of faces, investigating agencies have to zoom in on a particular frame of the video. This helps them to comprehend and analyze the video comprehensively and find out more about the crime or the criminals involved. Often, accomplices of criminals escape the crime scene just before the crime or help the criminals escape and all this can be easily traced by zooming in on every person in a video. From hard-core criminals to first-timers, investigating agencies can easily nab people by using the optical zoom feature.   

Real-time Video
Most CCTV cameras can be accessed with the help of mobile apps and investigating agencies can keep an eye on a particular facility or location by streaming real-time video. Police and law enforcement agencies advise the general public on installing Wi-Fi enabled Singapore CCTV camera system for home. This ultimately helps the police in preventing crimes and keeping the general public safe.

360-degree view 
Some of the latest CCTV cameras come with a 360-degree view, which helps in the surveillance of the entire facility. Thus, even if a criminal tries to hide somewhere, they can be easily nabbed.

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