Brilliant Ways You Can Use Your Nest Cam

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People are finding new ways to make maximum use of their Nest Cam as it’s far better than just deterring the burglars or criminals. If you too own a singapore cctv camera system for home and it happens to be a Nest Cam then here’s a list of some cool things you can do with it:

Nest Cam as Baby Monitor
Nest Cam has some really great features that can be used to keep a strict vigil on your kids and the best part is that you can even have a conversation with them from your office desk. Set up a Next Cam inside your house and you’ll find managing your kids much easier because you’ll get to know exactly what’s going on inside your house. Nab the naughty one in the crowd and you can give him/her a dressing down for throwing stuff around the house or simply littering the corridor. In case you have a baby with a babysitter at home, you can easily view the happenings inside the house on your mobile app or on your laptop. You can provide explicit instructions to the babysitter and also keep an eye on their activities. All of this culminates into a better response time in case of an emergency at home.

Nest Cam as Pet Monitor
Who doesn’t love their pet? Like all others, I’m sure you love your adorable little canine or the parrot but what happens when you’re away from home for some important official work. Well, you have the best singapore’s best cctv camera system for home – the Next Cam – to keep an eye on the movement of your naughty little pets. You might not be able to deter your dog from biting the curtains, but you can certainly be alerted about their activities. So the next time you leave home, you can at least take necessary precautions and stop such disasters.

Nest Cam as Amazon Delivery Monitor
Even though the Amazon app gives you the option of tracking your shipments, you still get those anxiety pangs every time the delivery gets delayed. It can be the coolest iPhone or the dining table you purchased online. Nest Cam can help calm your nerves by providing you with a live feed of the goods delivered. You’ll be able to provide instructions to the delivery guy by telling him to put the box safely near the door. In addition to this, you’ll also be notified in case someone tries to steal your package or simply damage it with a baseball bat. No one can be sure about what exactly can happen to the delivered goods after the delivery guy leaves it near your house. So using Singapore’s best CCTV system for home, i.e. the Nest Cam, you’ll be able to keep a watch on the package till the time you reach home.

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