Feel Safer With Singapore’s Best CCTV Camera Systems For Home/Office

The closed-circuit television (CCTV) system is perhaps the most common video surveillance system used in the world, often a layer in complex security systems. Technically, CCTV cameras transmit individual video signals to a central receiver, which are displayed and stored as video files. Simply put, cameras in a CCTV system broadcast their signals to a specific receiver connected to a set of monitors. Video captured by different cameras can be recorded and stored in data storage devices, for you to view live or at your own convenience.

CCTV cameras are staples of security systems across the world. In 2016, there was an estimated 350 million CCTV cameras worldwide. Governments use CCTV cameras for security. CCTV cameras at home or at the office are getting more and more popular as more and more people and companies look to protect their homes or offices. By and large, most buy CCTV cameras as deterrents to undesirable activity.

One can keep an eye on any suspicious activities or have indisputable evidence for any crime or event that takes place. This discourages potential wrong doers as you can easily catch them in the act or provide evidence of their activities. Studies focusing on CCTV cameras in public spaces have concluded that they reduce crimes in urban streets and train stations by 25%!

Our July 2018 Package:

We aim to provide our customers with the best security and put their minds at ease with a wide range of CCTV packages for sale, perfect for their homes or offices. The price of any purchase from us covers every single step of installation: setting up the cables and a one-time, all-inclusive installation at your home or office. Each package comes with up to four 1080p cameras, giving you clear security footage of your home or company office.

Our cameras are compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices. You can watch live footage from each camera or stored videos at your own time and convenience, on any of your phones or computers.

Providing our customers with the best value for money is a key goal for us. To be the best possible CCTV camera supplier in Singapore, we believe in keeping our prices low and transparent and being honest and upfront with our customers. That means no hidden costs, GST or compulsory yearly subscriptions you can encounter when you buy CCTV cameras.

As an experienced supplier of CCTV cameras, we understand that maintenance can be complicated for the uninitiated. If any issues arise, our 1-year warrantee offers onsite, one for one replacement for any of your CCTV devices. Our initial set up includes connecting all CCTV cameras to your display devices: setting up your router and preparing your phones and computers.

If you’ve had the idea of installing CCTV cameras at home or at your office in Singapore, don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information! Our sales team will be more than happy to discuss CCTV systems or our packages for sale. For existing customers experiencing technical issues, let our support team know. Protect your home and office with CCTV cameras today!